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If you're looking for penetration, mass is king regardless of caliber. You don't see big game hunters using light for caliber uber velocity loads for a reason. Here is a side by side test of Underwood's loading of the Lehigh 140gr "Penetrator" at 1371fps vs their 220gr flat nose hardcast at 1128fps. The 140gr Lehigh went 25.3" in gel.Testing and Chronographing the Dangerous Game defense alternative to 220 gr. full power Flat Nose Hardcast loads with the Glock 20 Gen 4 10mm. The 190 gr. Mo...It's lighter than Underwood or Buffalo Bore for sure but more energy and nmuch better consistency from the usual Winchester, Remington and etc. I liked SB because of it's …#NYPrepper #Glock #10mmGet 25% off MY PATRIOT SUPPLY freeze-dried emergency food go to to get the deal!!-----...10mm Buffalo Bore 190gr Dangerous Game Glock 29 vs. 20 vs. 40. 10MM VS .45 SUPER Underwood Xtreme Penetrators Review. 460 Rowland 255gr Buffalo Bore Hardcast. 460 Rowland 185gr Underwood JHP. 10mm is the Best Millimeter for Me Quarantine Song. PMC BRONZE 115gr JHP Ballistics Gel and Chronograph Test .The Buffalo Bore round is a 180gr JHP at 1350 FPS, or 728 ft•lb. The Underwood round is 200gr hard cast lead flat nose at 1250 FPS, or 694 ft•lb. The Underwood rounds are more likely to penetrate deeper, because LFN expand a lot less than JHP.I ended up purchasing some Underwood, which I am not too familiar with. It seemed like the two choices for hard cast are Underwood and Buffalo Bore. Underwood is quite a bit cheaper. Was wondering …BUFFALO BORE TACTICAL (Low Recoil & Low Flash) 10MM. 180 gr. Jacketed Hollow Point - J.H.P. - (1,200fps/M.E. 575 ft. lbs.) 20 Round Box. ITEM 21F. Our full power 10MM ammo is unnecessarily powerful for killing humans. (See items 21A, 21B, and 21C) These full power loads were originally designed for outdoor uses such as hunting deer or stopping ...Actually it is the best caliber. Any 200 or 220 gr hard cast will do fine. Even a big brown won't know the difference between a 220gr 10mm and a hard cast from a 44. And you probably shoot the 10mm better. As for Buffalo Bore vs Underwood, a few feet per second won't really effect much. A 220 at 1150 will kill anything that a 220 at 1250 will.27 votes, 16 comments. 13K subscribers in the 10mm community. /r/10mm is dedicated to discussion of the 10×25mm Automatic handgun round and its ... This will need to cycle heavy Underwood/Buffalo Bore ammo. Slide is a gen 3 g20 build.The Buffalo Bore .380 ACP+P 100gr Hardcast Flat Nose is certainly effective as a personal defense load in small carry pistols. It will inflict serious damage on your attacker. You won't have to worry about carrying an underpowered .380 round. But unlike many .380 rounds, the concern here is its over-penetration.Buffalo Bore's lead hollow points are ideal for personal defense. The Outdoorsman loads are intended to offer more options to the shooter whose handgun does double duty. The shooter taking his 9mm or .38 into the wild may need a bullet with greater penetration in order to be useful against the big cats, feral dogs and even bears.I shoot Underwood Ammo but NOT any of their hardcast stuff. I shoot the following: #232 10MM AUTO 155GR. XTP 1500FPS, 775Ftlbs. #235 10MM AUTO 150GR JHP 1500FPS, 750 ft lbs. #243 10MM AUTO 180GR XT, 1300 FPS, 676 ft lbs. All function properly in my glock 20 gen with 17lb weight spring and 24lb spring. I have not shot hard cast through …Oct 27, 2019. #14. Glock M40 10mm is what I carried to Alaska with Underwood hard cast loads (in a very comfortable Kenai chest holster). I was surprised when I stopped in a gun shop in Kenai they had a large selection of 10mm in stock. Including Buffalo Bore and Underwood.Underwood 10mm bear loads. Thread starter jcs271; Start date Jun 2, 2021; jcs271 Guide. Joined Feb 25, 2019 Messages 3,632 Likes 29,904 Location Montana Territory. Jun 2, 2021 ... I consider Buffalo Bore to be as good. I do have to decide which load I want. They together have a good selection of specialty ammo. I found some Underwood 41 magnum ...With the .40 handling the self-dense side of things, 10mm fans looked to improve the already robust performance of the 10mm. This lead to hunting loads such as the Federal bonded 180s, and also to hard-cast bullets of 200 and 220 grains, from makers like Buffalo Bore.Everyone says 10mm and .357 Magnum are equal. Is that True? Let's find out as we shoot the Glock 40mos vs. the Ruger 6"GP100 with Underwood Hardcast bear loa...I had issues with the Buffalo bore heavy 10mm 180 grain hollow points out of a Glock 41 I converted to 10mm. I ended up getting rid of that gun to get the sig 320 Xten (just fits my hand better). The Xten fed 1 magazine of the Buffalo bore, I’m down to my last box now but I probably won’t be getting more of that stuff.Personally, I found that my Glock 20 Gen 3 was 100% reliable with lower powered 10mm ammo (e.g., Remington 180 fmj at around 1100 fps) with the stock recoil spring. However, after firing around 500 - 750 rounds, I started having reliability problems when firing DoubleTap and Underwood 165's at 1300 - 1400 fps.I had to physically slam the slide into battery on the next 2 rounds so I dropped the mag and fired off the last round. I did run about 5 rounds of the Underwood through my 1911 with the same results as the XDM. The strange thing is I ran 7 or 8 rounds of Buffalo Bore 180 gr. HP through the XDM without a single hiccup.Underwood Ammo™ XTP rounds are notable for their power and accuracy. We utilize Hornady eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) bullets which are designed for deep terminal penetration, great accuracy and controlled expansion. We combine Hornady unparalleled XTP bullets with our own carefully formulated design which results in one lethal round.Buffalo Bore offers 130-grain .32 H&R Magnum and 130-grain .327 Federal hardcast loads. Out of my 4.5-inch Single Six, the .32 H&R Buffalo Bore load had a muzzle velocity of about 1,150 fps, and …Buffalo Bore is known for its hard-hitting, full-power rounds that get the job done on even the largest game animals, and their 10mm offering tips the scales at 220 grains of bear-stopping power. It's hard to find this stuff in stock, and the recoil is killer, but if you’re looking for the heaviest factory-loaded 10mm ammo on the market, I ...But when I'm hiking my choice is the M&P 4.6" 10mm loaded with Underwood 200gr HCFNS. 2/3 of a pound lighter than either of the options above, with twice the capacity. ... Buffalo Bore actually has info on their website that predates both the XTen and the M&P stating that some guns require a heavier recoil spring to properly run their hottest ...When it comes to the 10mm vs .45 ACP, application decides the winner. Points to consider when deciding between the 10mm vs .45 ACP: Cartridge application ... A sledgehammer hunting round, such as Buffalo Bore's 220-grain Heavy Outdoorsman, will make a hole in an attacker, no doubt. But if pass through is a concern, it might not be a wise ...I run Buffalo Bore in my 10mm XDM and like it. ... FWIW, I have over 700 rds of Underwood 200gr hard cast through my G20 stock barrel-zero malfunctions. I did over 300 in one session checking every box for leading and right about at that 250-300 mark it was discoloring but no deposits in the barrel. No overpressure signs on those cartridges.Underwood 10mm Hard Cast in Clear Ballistics Gel. Test Gun: Colt Delta EliteBarrel length: 5 inches.Ammunition: Underwood 200 and 220gr Hard CastTest media: 10% Clear Ballistics Gel.Distance: 10 feet.Chronograph: Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chron…. out 10mm, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum using loads that all have the same bullet weight and similar energy to test the difference in sectional density....Major ammunition manufacturers produce 10mm auto ammo. They include: Barnes, Buffalo Bore, CCI, Corbon, Double Tap, Federal, Fiocchi, Hornady, Remington, Sig Sauer, Speer, Underwood, and Winchester. The rounds range from 90 grain to 220 grain bullets; 180 grain and 220 grain bullet weights are the most popular.While Buffalo Bore offers a strong JHP loading in this caliber, the 130-grain hard cast bullet is designed to penetrate a bear’s skull. Fired in the Ruger Single Six with 4¾-inch barrel, velocity is 1150 fps. This is a great small-game load and certainly has enough penetration for use against the big cats and feral dogs.Major ammunition manufacturers produce 10mm auto ammo. They include: Barnes, Buffalo Bore, CCI, Corbon, Double Tap, Federal, Fiocchi, Hornady, Remington, Sig Sauer, Speer, Underwood, and Winchester. The rounds range from 90 grain to 220 grain bullets; 180 grain and 220 grain bullet weights are the most popular.Handgun Ammunition /. 10mm Auto. Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 10mm Auto Ammo 220 Grain Flat Nose Box of 20. Buffalo Bore Ammunition Outdoorsman 10mm Auto Ammo 220 Grain Flat Nose Box of 20. Buffalo Bore loads their ammunition up to maximum SAAMI specifications, which delivers devastating performance on a wide range of game. …I know there is no 10mm +p just fast way to say full load, there is a 10mm light and my point is most current loads is light compared to the original FBI load. I agree that some of the underwood loads is some what hotter that the original 10mm but many 9mm loads of today is hotter than loads 20 years ago.Testing out the Buffalo Bore Dangerous Game Mono-Metal ammunition. This ammunition utilized a solid copper flat nose projectile loaded really hot, to insure ...With Buffalo Bore's 180-grain hollow point load (referenced above), the 10mm produces approximately 12.29 ft/lbs. of felt recoil. This is just over 21 percent more recoil than the previous 10mm load. With Buffalo Bore's 340-grain hard cast offering (referenced above), the 44 magnum produces approximately 37.59 ft/lbs.The Buffalo Bore is a factory load that chronographed at an average of 1010 fps out of the test gun. The Lehigh is a handload. I do not have the velocity out of this gun, but it chronographed at 1144 fps out of a Glock 19 using Lehigh online load data. (Lehigh spec on factory ammo is 1150 fps.) fxstchewy, Big1, -JCN- and 2 others.The standard diameter of the 10mm bullet is 0.40 inches, about 0.29 inches lower than the 44 Mag version. Meanwhile, the rim diameter of the 10mm is much smaller than its rival, at 0.425 and 0.514 inches, respectively. This difference in diameter will somewhat affect their ballistic performance.Glock 10MM Reliability (Stock OEM) Hello everyone. I have a few questions regarding the general reliability of the Glock 10mm models such as the G20/29 when firing the Underwood/Buffalo Bore loadings or say hotter (non-nuclear) hand-loads. My ideal functioning range of ballistic performance would be minimum 180 grains @ 1,200 FPS and ideally ...The very best prices for in-stock Underwood 10mm Auto Ammo handgun | Cheap Underwood 10mm Auto Ammunition handgun - Reviews Deals Help Documentation ... .410 Bore: 1.10%: 18.40 S&W: 1.10%: 19.45-70: 1.07%: 20.44 Mag: 0.83% Shipping Notice. The top results for this search contain retailers with higher shipping costs. ...Our website lists special deals on 9mm Ammo, 10mm Ammo, 45-70 Ammo, 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, 300 Blackout Ammo, 10mm Ammo, 5.56 Ammo, Underwood Ammo, Buffalo Bore Ammo and more special deals on bulk ammo. We offer a 100% Authenticity Guarantee on all products sold on our website. Please email us if you have questions …...

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Buffalo Bore is known for its seriously bad-ass ammunition and Tim Sundles is the man who made it come to fruition. ... .500 S...

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Testing and Chronographing the Dangerous Game defense alternative to 220 gr. full power Flat Nose Hardcast loads with the Glock 20 Gen 4 1...

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Buffalo Bore .45 Super 185 grain JHP Chronograph 1,352 FPS in a 5-inch barrel. The difference between...

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This ammo is for cartridge size 10mm Auto. The bullet is made from Copper. The diameter (c...

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Specifically for the 10mm glocks. ... I'm struggling with the idea to just stay with tried and true 9mm an...

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